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The seal above is one of the author’s personal seals. This particular one has been carved for him by Fung Hong-Hau, one of the master carvers of seals in the Twentieth Century.


Our dear author David Wong has passed away in 2022. If you find this site useful & willing to contribute in anyway to keep it going, please drop us a line at – From webmaster & a friend

Piotr Plebaniak is delighted to announce the publication of a Polish translation of the Collected Hong Kong Stories by David T. K. Wong originally published by Blacksmith Books of Hong Kong in 2018.

The translations have been done by Karina Katzer and the title of the Polish version is Opowieści z dawnego Hongkongu. The translations come to a total of 384 pages and those who wish to order a copy, priced at PLN 36 (paperback) plus postage and PLN 26 (e-book), may place an order with


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The Author

TV Interview with David T.K. Wong after a book launch in Hong Kong in 1996

Also Lunch Beat Radio Interview in Hong Kong with David Wong in 2002 - (Click on arrowhead to listen to broadcast)