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The seal above is one of the author's personal seals. This particular one has been carved for him by Fung Hong-Hau, one of the master carvers of seals in the Twentieth Century.


Gerakbudaya, an established Malaysian publishing house, is happy to announce a new paperback edition of David T. K. Wong's 2003 novel, The Evergreen Tea House, with effect from February 15, 2020. The novel has a background set mainly in the decades leading up to the signing of the Sino-British Agreement in 1984 which oversaw the return of the city to Chinese sovereignty.

The sale price is set at US$15 per copy and for all orders placed with before the launch date of February 15, 2020, will be sent out signed by the author and free of air postage worldwide using the coupon Evergreen2020

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The Author

TV Interview with David T.K. Wong after a book launch in Hong Kong in 1996

Also Lunch Beat Radio Interview in Hong Kong with David Wong in 2002 - (Click on arrowhead to listen to broadcast)